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All contributions made using this website are paid directly to the authorized collections agent for Nalubaale Children's Hope Ministry. The Agent's digital wallet information is provided below. You will need this information when sending funds through Western Union.

Send money direct using Western Union

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Use the following information for the receiver when sending donations using Western Union:

  • Send to Mobile Wallet: MTN
  • Country: Uganda
  • Receiver Name: Bukosi Isaac Sajjabi
  • Phone: (+256) 760907422
  • Email:

Nalubaale Children's Hope Ministry is in need of such other items as cots for beds, bed coverings, childrens' clothing, shoes, WiFi enabled tablets, Smartphones, solar electric energy systems, water purification, gardening tools and supplies, etc. All items you wish to donate must be shipped directly from the distributor. These items can be shipped using the following information:

  • Friends of Jesus Ministry
  • Receiver: Bukosi Isaac Sajjabi
  • P.O. Box 638
  • Jinja, Uganda 380052
  • Tel: +256 760 907422

Please direct all questions or comments to Raymond Isaac, Founder & Primary Care Provider, by sending email to

Orphaned children in Uganda need your support

All donations are made directly to the authorized collections agent for Nalubaale Children's Hope Ministry. Only debit card transactions are accepted. You cannot make a contribution using credit or gift cards.

Nalubaale Children's Hope Ministry is registered as a community-based organization by the Kaliro District Local Council, P.O. Box 7186, Kaliro Uganda (Reg ID: KRL/CBO/579/2019). Uganda is one of the poorest, under-developed nations in the world. It lacks the infrastructure of modern-day society as enjoyed by most parts of Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Most places of residence lack running water, sewage, electricity, and gas and only have cellpone access to the internet.

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